Reflections Page
Submission Information

To submit an item to be considered for publication, you'll need to provide several elements:

    1. The Reflection -- this can be a document, pictures, a movie, or whatever it is that you're submitting. Note that you are responsible for getting your files into a web-ready standard format so that they can be posted easily. If we cannot easily open and work with your files, you will be notified.

    2. Title for your reflection.

    3. Your name.

    4. A few sentences describing your connection to the labyrinth.

    5. A thumbnail image to use for the Reflections page. This should be a small JPEG image representative of your Reflection.

    IMPORTANT: Items submitted must be your original work and must not infringe on the copyright of others. By submitting items for publication you are affirming that you have permission to use this material and that are granting Labyrinth Network Northwest permission to post your work on this web site.

    Reflections or questions should be submitted to If you need to submit a CD with your information, it can be mailed to the address on the LNN Contact page.

    Labyrinth Network Northwest will decide whether to accept or reject Reflections submissions and to determine how long they will be displayed on this page.

Reflection guidelines

If at all possible, please convert your document to a PDF to submit. This will ensure that your Reflection looks the way you want it to and that we don't have to spend time fussing with it. Many computers have the ability to create PDFs built-in and you can look in your help system for information on it. If you do not have software to create PDFs, you can search on the web and use one of the many free PDF creation services that are available.

If you're unable to create a PDF, some other common file types are acceptable such as:

  • Word documents (.doc, .docx)
  • PowerPoint documents (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Image files (.jpg, .gif)
  • Rich text files (.rtf), etc.

Please check with us before submitting anything other than the file types listed here.